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You will be able to try out scuba diving for the first time. We will take you to the best spots, where you will see a wide variety of fish. We will do an introduction dive in shallow water so you can gain confidence and feel safe before we go deeper.

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We propose an exciting activity, something that only a small part of hummanity could make. We talk about how to discover the marine fonds with your own scuba diving equipment.

The peace of the life under water will invade you. As well as, new noises. And of course, you will train and enjoy on a very good company.
Scuba diving is an activity where you can relax, practise underwater photografy, visit archeological remains, shipwrecks with impresive history, study the marine world and its biology. Any doubt do not hesite to contact with a member of our team.

Is scubadiving a dangerous sport?
Of course not. Its an adventure activity. A very small risk is taken but its trained in class to reduce it even more which becames on a very safety activity.
Scubadiving can be explored from children over 12 yrs old to any age. Come to visit us and live the experience!!
Santa pola is a place known for its gastronomy, history and a very good night life. Fins on waiting for your arrival!!

How we make it?

After getting ready all the equipment and being trained with all lessons and safety issues for the activity. We will go to the diving spot.
Then, the instructor will revise with you all lessons and then you will start the adventure. He will help you put all the equipment on and then you will be breathing in the water for the very first time.
Little by little we will reach the seabed and then we will start feeling new sensations…….wooooow!! Then you discover the scubadiving experience.
Because we are not a fish… after 30 minutes we need to go back to the boat. Done?? Is it finish?? Oooohhhh what a shame! But we still have a second dive to look forward to.

Don´t worry because now you are ready for your open water diver course and get your certificate.
Our team will train lessons to you and you will practise son many enjoyable exercices. You still have so many places to discover at reserva marina de tabarca which is the first reserve of spain declare on 1986.

PADI Open Water Price 390€.

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